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The Amazing iPhone Photo

November 10, 2008


One of the iPhone’s best kept secrets is its ability to take amazing photographs. As an avid photographer hobbyist, I usually shoot with my Canon digital SLR, but I have discovered that my iPhone takes photos that no other camera can.

One thing about iPhone photos is that they always surprise. I never quite know what I am going to get, but there is almost always something special. The above photograph, when viewed in full-scale, reveals a beautiful painterly texture, almost as if I applied some kind of effect filter in Photoshop. Admittedly, I frequently have to adjust levels and color balance to my iPhone photos, but the raw material to work with is impressive nevertheless.

Even low-light situations have surprised me. The photos below were taken in extremely low light conditions. They were taken in a bar, lit only by candlelight. When I took the pictures I thought for sure they would not turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised. The iPhone captured the mood perfectly, like paintings. I am willing to bet that the other people I was with did not get shots with their flash cameras nearly as nice as the ones I got with my iPhone.



Most photos I take with my iPhone are hazy on the edges. The top of the images are frequently washed out, and I often do some custom balancing in Photoshop to balance the light out. As I shoot more with the iPhone, I might better be able to predict its tendencies. But for the moment, I would almost rather not know, because I really enjoy the surprises I find in the photos when I download and view them full size on my computer.

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