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Saving a Business with a One-page Design

February 20, 2009

I recently got thrown the daunting task of designing a single catalogue page to literally save a declining multi-million dollar company. What’s more, I had to redefine the company, and represent it in a way that is totally contrary to what it’s identity currently is. All of this with scant material to work with, and precious little time.

For now, I won’t mention the company here, nor show my solution, but I will say that this challenge was quite exciting for me as a designer. Essentially, if my one-page design generates business, I can take full credit for achieving the unachievable during an economic downturn.

My design has not yet been published, but it has already succeeded in one way; the company employees have a renewed sense of excitement, where they had otherwise been feeling impending doom. So, in one sense I have already done my job, by giving a company a new identity and sense of purpose.

Few non-designers understand the power of good design, and how it can completely change a company and it’s workers. Good design changes behavior on all sides. It is highly emotional, and provokes a response.

I feel lucky to have been given this challenge where the emotional rewards have huge potential.

I will follow up on this post as the results unfold.

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